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Essential Oil Therapy

Essential Oils are concentrated oils that are derived from plants. The active ingredients that work to heal us and our pets are the same chemical compounds that help plants attract insects to spread their pollen, fight off bacteria and fungi, and repel pests.


These aromatic oils can heal people and pets on an emotional as well as physical level. Some oils have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which makes them ideal for treating things like skin and ear infections. Others help sooth frazzled nerves by working in the limbic system in the brain once inhaled.


Aquadale offers several pre-made products to cover conditions such as anxiety, ear infections, skin infections and allergies, separation anxiety, hotspots, and even stinky breath. We can also make your dog a custom blend after a consultation and assessment have been performed. 


We also have a small variety of all natural shampoos infused with essential oils. If you would like more information about Essential Oil Therapy please feel free to contact us.