Top 3 Flea & Tick Myths – Exposed!

top 3 flea and tick myths


Fleas and Ticks. Four-letter words for pet owners. No one wants to think about their fur babies being attacked by parasites, let alone blood-sucking parasites! You may not know the whole truth when it comes to these parasites, so we took it upon ourselves to compile the most common myths about fleas and ticks.

Myth # 1: Fleas and Ticks do not affect healthy pets. 

Truth: External parasites are not picky when it comes to a blood meal. They can attack any pet, healthy or not!

Myth #2: Fleas and Ticks are not a threat during the winter. 

Truth: While it is true that fleas and ticks that are outdoors will die off once we get a good frost, if there are any that have managed to make it into your warm home, they can survive the entire winter! The veterinarians at Aquadale recommend keeping your pet on a flea preventative throughout the summer months, and only discontinuing prevention in the winter if you have not had any issues with fleas or ticks.

Myth #3: Indoor pets do not need protection.

Truth: While it is true that pets who spend a lot of time outdoors are at a higher risk of picking up parasites, indoor pets are not immune! Fleas and ticks can hitch a ride inside on our clothing, and fleas can even jump through open windows! All pets should be on a monthly parasite preventative throughout the summer to keep them happy and bug-free.

What can I do?

We are approaching the spring season, which is historically when we recommend starting flea and tick prevention. We recommend starting prevention in the spring due to it being a favorite time for ticks to come out and begin feeding. Climate can vary, and parasites have been showing up earlier and earlier when we have mild winters. Aquadale recommends a prescription flea and tick prevention such as Nexgard to keep your pet completely free of parasites. To help our friends get their pets protected, we are having a blowout sale on Nexgard through the end of March, 2017. Nexgard is an easy once a month chew that dogs love, and will keep all those blood-suckers away from your furbaby. We are taking $5 off each dose of Nexgard Chews, and we also will give you two (2) doses FREE when you buy 10! Stop in today to stock up!

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