Staff Spotlight: Tiffany O.


Name: Tiffany Ozsust

Where did you attend school?
Kent State Tuscarawas, graduated and registered in 2008

Any pets?
Of course!  2 pound puppies, border collie mixes…Rohry (10 yrs) and Rowdie (9yrs), and 1 cat…November (1yr)



Why did you decide to pursue a career as a vet tech?
I was working on a degree in Zoology at KSU when I found out about the vet tech program starting at Kent!  I always loved animals as a kid and I was so excited about the prospect of having a job where I could help people’s pets!


What is your favorite part of working at Aquadale?
My favorite part of my job is working in surgery.  I enjoy seeing all of the young pups and kittens that come in for their spay/neuter surgeries and I love seeing the outcome after doing a dental cleaning on a patient!  I have been interested in anesthesia and pain management since school and I appreciate the nursing opportunity in surgery to care for and comfort pets during their recovery process.  It’s really rewarding being part of the team to help a pet feel better and be healthier through surgery.

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