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We have put together 5 spine-tingling “tails” for your enjoyment this Halloween season. All five stories have something in common, they all involve pets and their ability to sense things that we cannot. Keep a light on, and continue reading below…

1. It was a rickety 1970s(maybe)-era Houston abode with thin walls and peeling paint. I saw it once (maybe twice) in the 1990s, visiting my grandfather who still lived there. My mother and her younger brother grew up in the house, who, on separate occasions, had each been the sole occupant of a particular bedroom. One day, my mom’s cat suddenly began paying much too great attention to a corner of the room, near the ceiling where the walls meet. The cat eventually began hissing intermittently with its fur standing on end, eyes locked on the corner. Mom, whose attention had been captured by now, watched in awe until the cat suddenly leaped off the bed and clamored underneath it, a seemingly fearful flight. This was the case on more than one occasion.

My uncle had the same room years later and a dog. As you might have guessed, the dog became entranced by the same corner. A steady, low, rumbling growl eventually escaped the dog’s throat. Its fur became ruffled in alertness as it let out alarmed barks. My ever-fearless, 6′-tall uncle reached into the corner, his hand meeting an unusually cold sensation near the ceiling. Dog still barking, my uncle sensed something that didn’t belong and did the first thing that came to mind: string together a violent stream of curse words and let ‘er rip, like only a sailor’s mouth such as his could do. Neither animal ever paid attention to the corner again. Whatever it was, no longer was there.

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2. I was home alone and trying out my webcam for the first time. My dog Petey immediately ran down the hall behind me barking and growling. At this point I was using the face detection thing on the webcam where it will put a paper bag over your head on the screen. Petey came back and sat by my feet and at that moment my webcam detected a face over my shoulder and in the screen was a floating paper bag that disappeared after a few seconds.

Source: Buzzfeed.com – morgano4b8c4e96c

3. When I was a kid I had a big orange tabby cat named Leo. In our den we had a huge china hutch that our cats knew they weren’t allowed on. One day, as I’m watching TV, Leo starts meowing very insistently and looking above my head. After about 2 minutes of me ignoring him, he jumps up on the hutch, wedges himself behind a crystal bowl set and starts twitching his tail. He then started making these long, keening wails. Eventually I get up to get him so he doesn’t break anything. I walk across the room and no sooner did I pick him up a very large wooden shelf filled with knickknacks falls off the wall…right where my head was lying on the couch.

Source: Buzzfeed.com – Krista Lynn, Facebook

4. We were staying at a family friends home and we had our dog with us. Since the family had cats that didn’t get along with dogs we put her in this upstairs bedroom. Everything was fine until we were sitting in the kitchen after dinner and all of sudden we just heard our dog start barking like crazy. And she NEVER barks at anything. It was loud and sounded so desperate.When I went to check on her she was pacing around the room. She stopped and looked at me and then stared at something in the corner of the room. I thought it was bizarre but since I didn’t see anything I started to close the door again. Immediately she started barking and wouldn’t stop until I came back in the room.

The family then told us how the original owner’s young daughter had died and that used to be her bedroom. They had sometimes heard footsteps and laughing on the stairs going up there.

Source: Buzzfeed.com – kelseyf46a6b5969

5. Suddenly there was a loud pounding on the door of my apartment at 9:10 p.m. and I leaped up from 3 feet away and flung open the door thinking it was my boyfriend in crisis. He lived about 45 miles away. My cat, Mandy’s hair stood up all over — never saw her do that before or after, and her pupils dilated. There was no one in sight. How did they disappear in two seconds? There was a cold chill and the night was not that cold. Mandy backed into the corner growling, hair still erect. There was a sweet smell of flowers. Mandy crouched, growling for nearly 5 minutes.

I felt the presence of my boyfriend’s mother and sensed her questioning me as to whether I would be loyal and loving to her son. Getting the answer she wanted — I would — everything, including Mandy, went back to normal.

The next morning my boyfriend called me deeply upset. His mother had died at 9:10 the night before.

Source: Mercury News


We hope you enjoyed our little list of spooky pet stories for Halloween! Do you have any ghost stories that happened to you and your pets? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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