Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Photography

Hey everyone, it’s Tiffy!

As some of you may know, in addition to my first love (helping things run smoothly at Aquadale), I have been a professional photographer since 2010. Although I have photographed everything from babies to weddings, I returned to where I am most passionate and have specialized in pet photography for the last several years. We all know how important our pets are to us, and for some of us (raises hand) they are even surrogate children! It is important to preserve as many memories as possible, and I have found one of the best ways to accomplish that is through printed photography. Let me share my story first…

WatsonI lost my soul dog in 2012. I was 30 years old, and I had been blessed to share half my life with an amazing soul, Watson. You know how some dogs have a sort of intense depth to them? He had that. For a long time I struggled severely with his loss. The thing that finally got me on the right track was getting a canvas print made and hanging it on my bedroom wall. Now I look at his smiling face every time I walk into my home, and it brings me right back to that beautiful, sunny day at the dog park where he was having the time of his life! (He loved any opportunity to pee on interesting new things and places 🙂 ) To this day it still brings me pure joy. That joy is what brought me full circle back to pet photography. I truly love the look on people’s faces when they view their pet’s photos for the first time. The smiles are contagious! I try to capture every facet of our pets whether it is goofy, noble, or filled with energy.

One thing I have noticed over the years, however, is that people have a lot of reservations when it comes to having their pets photographed. They think it won’t work because their dog is hyper, or nervous, or any multitude of reasons. I am here today to dispel some of the myths about pet photography and pull back the curtain a bit.

Let’s answer some of the most asked questions I have received about pet photography.

Q: My dog will never sit still long enough for photos. 

I photograph real dogs. I typically do not photograph obedience stars or even fairly well-trained dogs! I have all sorts of tricks and tools “in the bag” to get amazing photos of your dog no matter how wild and crazy they seem to be. However energetic your pup is, we can usually get them to sit still for the 1/800th of a second it takes to snap an image. 

Q: My dog is super shy. Can you still get good photos of them?

I specialize in nervous or shy dogs that are otherwise friendly. I have the appropriate tools to use that will allow me to get photos from farther away so they are more comfortable, and I can utilize some desensitization techniques to get them more comfortable with the camera and equipment. We will work together to make sure your dog is at ease and not stressed out. 


Q: What if my dog cannot be let off the leash?

I will let you in on a secret that very few people know. Nearly 99.999% of dogs you see in my photographs were on leash at the time of the session. I often find that the leash helps to direct the dogs where we need them, and keeps things under control and most importantly: safe. Through the magic of Photoshop, leashes are removed when the image is processed and edited, and they disappear like magic. It will be as if they were never there. 🙂 


            Q: I have a black dog, can you still get good photos of them?

Yes! Photographing a black dog is all about understanding how light works with their fur. I use special lights to bring out all the detail in black fur so it doesn’t end up looking like a dark blob. Everyone who has a dark dog knows how hard it is to get a good photo of them, but people are amazed when they see photos of their black pup with tons of detail and shine in their fur. 

Q: Do you photograph any other animals besides dogs? 

Yes! I have photographed many different species and breeds of animals, from dogs and cats, to ferrets, rabbits, cockatoos, horses, and even a 40+ lb land tortoise! I am comfortable and familiar with many different species of pet, and I can tailor the session to suit their particular set of needs. 

Q: How do I get a session for my pet? 

I’m so glad you asked! I am teaming up with The Murphy Foundation to do a pet photography mini session event at the end of this month! We will spend about 15 minutes photographing your superstar, and then immediately after your pet’s shoot you can see their images and pick out your favorites. The mini session is only $25.00 and includes a complimentary 5×7 digital photo with the opportunity to purchase additional prints and products. We will be donating 100% of the $25.00 session fee as well as 10% of additional print sales directly back to The Murphy Foundation to help animals in need. It’s win/win! Oh, and did I mention that we have an anonymous donor that will make a MATCHING donation of what we raise during this event!? How cool is that? 

If you would like to register your pet for our Murphy Mini’s event, please visit and we will make sure they get their time in the spotlight!