New Screening Gives Cats and Dogs Best Chance Against Kidney Disease


Here at Aquadale, we see a lot of pets impacted by kidney disease. And we’re not alone. In their lifetime, over 1 in 3 cats¹, and 1 in 10 dogs² will get kidney disease. Worse, they typically show no signs of illness until their kidneys have lost most of their function permanently. As pets age, the likelihood pets will develop kidney disease worsens. In fact, more than half of cats over age 15 are afflicted.³

Now the IDEXX SDMA™ test, a breakthrough new kidney disease screening test available at Aquadale, changes that. With the IDEXX SDMA kidney screening test, we can detect this serious disease months to years earlier, when there is still time to do something about it. This is fantastic news, especially for our long-suffering feline friends, as the IDEXX SDMA test can detect kidney disease when much of a pet’s kidney function is still intact. This gives us the chance to take action and give your pet the best shot for a healthy, happy, long life, even with kidney disease.

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