A little help from my friends..


With help from The Murphy Foundation, Aquadale has been able to help care for and find homes for some very special animals in need.

The Murphy Foundation was created in the memory of Dr. Kim Takacs and her husband Damon’s dog Murphy. The organization is supported by charitable donations made by the public. The Murphy Foundation has already been busy at work helping animals in need such as Caesar, the cat who was shot and needed a leg amputated. He recuperated nicely and has already found a home.

There’s also the story of Bowser was suffering from a blood disorder that caused him to bleed easily from the most minor knocks or bumps. When he came to the clinic he was bleeding from his mouth and had an extremely low red blood cell count. He was very weak and his condition was unstable. The Murphy Foundation stepped in and offered the financial support enabling Bowser to start receiving treatment for his blood disorder, but he would still need a little help from a friend.

With his treatment under way it became apparent that Bowser needed a blood transfusion to give him a much needed boost, also giving the medicines time to take effect. It turned out that Bowser had a guardian angel in the form of a Golden Retriever named Cooper owned by Ron & Diane Mohn.

Cooper’s owners graciously offered to let Aquadale use him for a blood donor. He bravely gave us life-saving blood for Bowser’s transfusion. After receiving his blood transfusion Bowser seemed to come to life. His mouth stopped it’s constant slow bleeding, his gums started to turn pink again from the almost-white color they had been, and he even perked up enough to eat a small amount of food. We had high hopes the transfusion would buy him enough time to beat whatever it was that caused the bleeding problem.

A few short days later and it became apparent that not only had Bowser begun to fight back, he had every intention of delivering a full knock-out to the disease that almost got the best of him. He became more and more energetic, and he seemed to gain more strength every day. Within a week he was a veritable tornado of activity, in other words back to a normal 1 year old pug..

Bowser just went to go live with his new family last week. We miss his enigmatic pug antics, but we are comforted by the fact that a young dog will get to live out the rest of his life because of the loving care he received, the donations to The Murphy Foundation that enabled them to pay for his treatment, and a furry guardian angel named Cooper Mohn.

Aquadale Vet Clinic wishes to thank all those who have made charitable donations to The Murphy Foundation, the money the organization has raised so far has gone towards many stray cat spays and neuters, and saving the lives of animals with treatable illnesses that would have been put to sleep otherwise. Bowser has you to thank for saving his life.