Flea and Tick Prevention for Ohio’s Summers

Have you been battling fleas or ticks this summer? Well you aren’t alone in your battle. It seems like each year fleas and ticks seem more numerous and bloodthirsty. Ohio’s humid summers make our state a perfect breeding ground for these external pests.

Grocery store brand flea and tick collars, dips, shampoos and topical flea prevention treatments may help somewhat but the easiest way to kill fleas already on your pet and prevent more from joining the party is a prescription-strength flea and tick preventative.

There are many products to choose from depending on whether your pet has any tick exposure, whether you need a product that prevents heartworms as well or if you simply need something to kill fleas.

Some of the prescription flea medications have additional anti-parasitic properties that make them worth the higher price. Some flea preventatives can also prevent heartworms and intestinal worms, while others not only kill fleas and ticks but also treat lice, ear mites and mange easily and comfortably.

Aquadale recommends using a prescription-strength flea preventative on your pet monthly throughout the warm months of Ohio’s summer. We usually recommend starting up a monthly flea preventative in March, and continuing to apply it once per month through November. This is the best insurance you can give your pet against these blood-sucking parasites.